Help us with Farrier Care

With horses, there are a few things that you have to do regularly to keep them healthy and happy. One of those things is farrier care. Because horses’ hooves grow like our nails, they must be trimmed just like we need to cut them. Trimming their hooves is something that only some can do, and we need a trained farrier to come out and do them right. If you do not cut them, the horse can become lame, or if you wait too long, it may not be able to walk.

Please consider donating if you would be interested in helping us pay for the much-needed farrier care we need for our horses. Monthly donations of something as small as $5.00 a month can make all the difference for us. We know it doesn’t sound like enough, but with everyone working together, we can pay for all our horses’ needs.

Please consider sharing this post with your family and friends if you cannot donate. Thank you all for your continued support! We could not fulfill our mission without your encouragement, support, and willingness to share our posts!

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