About Us

Learn more about our mission; how we help horses and humans heal from past trauma and move forward into a happy and healthy life. 

The unknown tale of a horse and the untold story of a human can be filled with pain. Yet, together they can create a new memoir of healing and peace.

Where did you come up with the name Mobius Garden?
What does it mean?

I wanted something unique that would explain in a word or two that forever can be connected by a single touch, something that would carry on long after my time.

I came up with the infinity sign; it symbolizes forever, right? But I didn’t want to go so ordinary or plain by using Infinity in the name; I wanted something a little catchy and fun, so what makes up the infinity sign? Well, it’s a Möbius Strip, a mathematical strip that is never-ending and constantly connected. It was precisely the explanation I sought, so I went with Möbius. As you can see in our logo, we have a horse with an infinity sign connected with a hand intertwined on the horse’s face. It took me eight months to design that logo. But bless Marianne Mackey DuPlain; she put up with me and made a beautiful logo for us!

I chose the word garden because of a few things. You never know what will grow, anything from weeds to beautiful flowers. Also, what does it take to develop a garden? Love, commitment, hard work, dedication, nurturing, consistency, respect, and patience. These are the same things needed to care for the horses and humans that come to our Rescue. So there you have it, Möbius Garden—the never-ending, constantly connected garden of horses.


Our vision is to help horses and humans in their journey to good health and happiness. We know that every horse and person has an untold story. We hope to help heal those pasts and move toward a positive future.


Giving horses a second chance at life through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, and sanctuary. Creating space that promotes the healing connections between horses and humans.


The Founder

Kimber and Sassy

Kimber Soisson
and Sassy

As with all children, I had many dreams for my future, including being a veterinarian. Even at a young age, I loved horses. I did start riding and training around age 13 and continued until I was about 15. As I got older, horses were less a part of my life; as they say, life got in the way. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get to the goals I had set. It felt like my dream was so far away that I often felt discouraged and frustrated. It was an uphill battle, and I could not understand why. Finally, I realized this dream would not happen in my time but in God’s time. I was trying to push that square peg into a round hole. It was time to let that peg start reshaping itself, allowing God to guide me and find patience. Once I accepted that, it felt like doors opened, and opportunities presented themselves in a way I could have never dreamed would.

I decided to start Mobius Garden and focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming, or giving sanctuary to these lost horses I met along the way. I also learned how powerful the connection between horses and humans can be. I knew that we could heal each other.

Unfortunately, some of the horses I met were abandoned by their owners. Some were horses with owners who could not physically care for the horse anymore, desperate for any help they could get for their beloved equine. That’s what pushed me to create this nonprofit. I am proud to say that not only has the nonprofit helped rehabilitate or give a helping hand to 9 horses, but I am also now pursuing my doctorate in veterinarian science because I can see the need for both. What started as a love for horses became much more. I am grateful to have found my place, brought these horses back to health and happiness, and given some loving owners peace of mind.

I look forward to the future; it is bright for me, the horses, and the people I have been lucky enough to help. I look forward to sharing the adventure that awaits as we grow as an organization.

Board of Directors

Dennise M. Kennedy

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Wayne McPherson

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William C VanOel
Member at Large

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Jessica Carlisle
Member at Large

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Barbara Siegel
Member at Large

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We foster the connection between horse and human to promote healing.

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