Star Volunteers

Without our star volunteers, we would struggle to accomplish our mission. So please join us in celebrating all the hard work and dedication these star volunteers have given.

This month we want to showcase a volunteer near and dear to the organization’s heart. Kayleigh started volunteering because she knew how much we needed help. She wanted to be there for her friend and get some exercise along the way.
Now she is starting to fall in love with the horses and is one of our most dedicated volunteers. We know a lot of our success is due to Kayleigh and her hard work and dedication to the organization.
Please join us in saying a big thank you to Kayleigh and all her hard work here at Mobius Garden!

Today we would like to take some time to honor one of our star Volunteers! Ashley has been volunteering with us for a long time and has always given 100% of herself to the job. From cleaning stalls in the past (injuries prevent her from doing that now) to feeding and grooming, she is always there for us when we need it most!

When our founder hurt her back, Ashley stepped up in a big way, ensuring the horses were fed and watered. Without Ashley, we know it would be hard to keep up with the tough jobs at the ranch.

Please join us in saying a big thank you to Ashley for all her hard work. We are so thankful to have you as a volunteer and glad you find peace with the horses!