Sassy certainly lives up to her name. By all accounts, she has always had a little bit of a sassy attitude. She had a rough start, with her mother dying shortly after her birth. It was then a mad dash to find a surrogate mother for Sassy. They got lucky and found a surrogate at Wil-lo Ranch.

It appeared that Sassy was on track to a good life. But she was living up to her name, which often means finding an owner could be challenging. Finally, when she was old enough, she did get purchased, but after only two years, the owners sold her back to Wil-lo Ranch.

Because she was not the easiest horse to take care of, that was where she stayed until Kimber came along. Kimber and Sassy hit it off immediately and now can be found riding in the arena on a nice day. So often, with horses, it’s about finding the right person for the right horse. Sassy is thriving and loves to be ridden despite her 21 years.