Paint horse standing happily in cross-ties

Mordecai aka Cai

Cai’s story is all too common. A person purchases a horse and, for one reason or another, cannot take care of that horse for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, we do not know all of Mordecai’s(Cai’s) story, but we do know that he was purchased from an Autism Camp in Big Bear and that they had nicknamed him “bones” because of his boney legs. He was a riding therapy horse and loved his job. He was well-loved and taken care of. But he was getting older, and it was time to retire to a trail horse life.

That was the intention when his owner purchased him. They wanted Cai to be a pleasure horse where the owner and Cai would occasionally go on a lovely afternoon ride. But something happened, and the owner could not take care of Cai.

Cai was being boarded at the facility that Mobius Garden rents from. The boarding facility asks its boarders to feed, groom, and care for their stall. At first, when Cai arrived, the owner was there and engaged with the horse. They came to feed Cai and took excellent care of him. But then something happened, and Cai was getting less and less attention.


One day while Kimber was at the ranch taking care of her horses when she noticed Cai was agitated. She decided to check on him and realized something was wrong. He had multiple injuries and had flies everywhere. The wounds had been there long enough that the flies were getting stuck in the wounds and laying eggs. He was very uncomfortable and very agitated. Kimber took him over to a nearby set of crossties and started to try and clean him up.

Cai did his best to be patient with her. It seemed he was grateful for the help. In all, he had 3 significant issues. Somehow Cai’s sheath had gotten a nasty infection and was very swollen. The flies had zeroed in on his sheath and were laying eggs. He also had a couple of nasty cuts on his face and lower leg. It’s hard to say how he got the injuries, but when he was found, it was realized that he needed some serious care.

While the wounds have healed a year later, Cai still struggles with some issues. With fundraising, we hope to afford a complete veterinary visit. We know that he is about 26 years old and probably has arthritis. We hope that with the help of a good veterinarian, we can give Cai a comfortable and healthy life.