Paint horse standing happily in cross-ties

Mordecai’s (aka Cai) story is told all too often. A history we can only guess at, and a family that needed help. His most recent owner purchased Cai from an Autism Camp in Big Bear. He was well-loved by his most recent owner; they did everything possible to take good care of Cai.

But there came a day when his owner was not feeling well and could not get out to the boarding facility as they needed. We are unsure of all the reasons, but we know that the family and Cai needed our help.

Something had happened, and Cai was in distress. Our founder Kimber was able to step in and help heal Cai and offer a place for him. We know that deciding to give up a horse is not easy, but luckily in Cai’s case, the owner knew they needed the help.

Cai has been through a lot in the last year or so. While he is 200% better than he was, we have noticed that he seems a little off. We want him seen by a veterinarian and ensure everything is ok.