Meet Maggie, her story started with her original owners needing to move and could not take her. At 28 years old, a horse like that can be hard to move any distance, and we don’t know what other factors may have played a part in her inability to proceed with the owner.

Luckily for Maggie, we were able to step in and find a wonderful foster home where Maggie could be a companion horse. While she is not stable enough to be ridden anymore, she can comfort another horse that has just lost its pasture mate. Because horses are herd animals by instinct, it can be tough to lose a pasture mate. Maggie now lives at our outstanding Board Members’ home with Boomer, and they are a very happy little herd.

Recently we have noticed that Maggie is struggling with skin disease.

Maggie seems to have some sort of infection on her skin. Help us fund a veterinarian visit and give her a chance at a healthier life.