Meet Flash

Meet Flash, a horse in need! Flash is a 30-year-old whose owner passed away. The family wanted to ensure that Flash went to a good home that would love him as much as they did. But it has been a tough job to find someone willing to take on an older animal. It can be challenging for rescues and families alike to find someone willing to take on an older animal that may not have long left or may have medical issues. 


Flash and the owner, in their younger years, were known to ride around the area on many fun adventures. He has always been a well-loved, well-cared-for member of the family. Unfortunately, the owner became ill, and their family moved in to help with their care. They knew the owner could not go out and visit his beloved friend Flash. Despite that, the family decided to keep Flash because of the horse and human bond. Whenever the owner whistled, Flash would immediately come to the fence to visit. Eventually, the owner passed, and the family decided to return to their home state. 


When meeting him, it’s hard not to like Flash; he is a very friendly and curious horse that is not afraid to come up and say hi. But, try as they might, the family has struggled to find anyone willing to take Flash in. So they decided to take a chance and reach out to Mobius Garden. 


Part of Mobius Garden’s mission is to help families in need that want to do right by their horses but may not be able to. After meeting Flash, we knew he would make a fantastic ambassador. We now need your help to raise the funds we need to be able to accept him. 


If you want to support our mission and help horses like Flash, please consider donating, sharing, or volunteering.

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