Horse Teeth Care and Why its Important

Did you know that horses need teeth care too? Horses are one of those animals whose adult teeth never stop growing. As a result, their teeth are not like ours, with bumps on the top of the tooth. Instead, they are relatively flat on top to grind their food before swallowing.

As they eat and age, the teeth can sometimes get high points, making it harder to grind their food. To help them eat, our veterinarians come out and do what is called “floating their teeth.” It means that the vet is grinding down the high points of the tooth to help the horse. It does not hurt the horse, and they are given some medicine to help them relax. 

Unfortunately, this procedure is not cheap, but with your help, we can keep our horses in tip-top shape. Please consider Donating Now or sharing our post with your friends and family.

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