Heal a Horse Fundraiser

Wow what an amazing turn out here with Heal a Horse fundraiser!! My heart so full right now, ❤️ thank you all so much for coming out and supporting, it was a blast and you all are so talented. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of you, wish we had more time to chat. I am sure we will in the future. I have already booked the appointment for Thursday for their shoes and trims and the horses will have a nice packed barn full of hay and pellets and senior diet feed 👍🐴 !!!
Plus we raised enough money for round #2 for shoes and trim in 6 to 8 weeks!! Again thank you all so much and thank you Jesse for the painting and all the volunteers of Möbius Garden. Because of you all, the horses will be healthy and happy and safe. We love you & God Bless you and your families & keep riding on! See you soon !!
And P.s. looks like we’ll be making a debut in the Christmas light parade Dec. 3rd stay tuned

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